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Go from owning a JOB to running a BUSINESS

Man busyHave you ever felt like….

  • you can’t keep up with everything?
  • you’re afraid to take on new clients because you’re already so busy?
  • nothing seems organized?
  • everything is in your head, making it hard to have anyone else help you?
  • following up with people is a luxury, not a daily occurrence?
  • you run around crazy but don’t accomplish much?
  • things fall through the cracks?
  • …and vacation? Fahgedaboudit!

Can you relate?

It’s a very common story for entrepreneurs.You’re really good at something that you enjoy doing so you decide to turn it into a business You find a few customers, have some success, and then something shifts. One day you wake up and realize you’re not having fun anymore. Customers get demanding, things start falling through the cracks and if you’re not careful, the whole ship will go down.  To see where your business is right now, TAKE THE TEST.

Just for Contractors

About half of our clients are in the building and construction industry. What we have found is that people like electricians, landscapers, remodelers, and HVAC professionals have similar experiences (pains and successes) in their businesses.  We dialed in on the things that you need most, and the result is the Contractors Toolkit…

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Adding Staff?

Whether you’re growing your staff, or ready to hire that first employee, The Manager’s Toolkit will take you step by step through the process of recruiting for ‘best fit’ candidates, to interviewing and managing.

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Are we a good fit?

If you’re interested in building a business that you can run from the outside, let’s talk about how we can work together.  Our first step is to schedule a Strategy Session to assess the gap between where your business is today and where you need it to be.

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As described in the bestselling business book, The E-Myth, the best way to build a sustainably successful business is to act as though you were going to franchise it.  This mindset is the ticket to having more time to do what you love to do. Your family will thank you for it!  So let’s get started! Contact Us.

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