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Aligned Performance was founded on the belief that when employees are aligned with the vision, goals and values of the organization, engagement and commitment greatly increase. When a person is personally aligned with the organization, there is a deeper understanding and appreciation of how the work they perform contributes to the success of the organization and/or the people it serves. This is true not only for non-profits or mission-based companies but also traditional businesses and corporations.  When we customize your talent development programs, we consider your culture and incorporate your company’s values to ensure that alignment. 

About the Founder, Leigh-Ann Zaharevich, M.S.

For over two decades, Leigh-Ann has worked with companies from two employees to 5,000, in vairous industries such as manufacturing, financial services and construction. She has led training in India, spoken at international conferences, and helped build online training programs. Leigh-Ann is a Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator and leads The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program.  She often utilizes 360, engagement and team surveys to deliver impactful programs. She was trained to facilitate the Corporate Athlete program, helping busy executives perform at their best.

Ms. Zaharevich is an Adjunct Instructor for the Business School at CU Denver. She teaches 'Talent Management', 'Training & Development' and 'Emotional Intelligence' for undergrads and graduate students.