The Managers Toolkit


You are getting ready to bring on staff to grow your business. You’re probably already aware that there is a lot of preparation to be done before bringing on staff. The Manager’s Toolkit takes you step by step through that preparation. The Toolkit is customized for each client and is labeled with your logo.

Together with your coach you will:

  • Develop, or edit, your company mission, vision, values statement
  • Describe the working environment (culture) you are creating for the business
  • Create your Function Map™ to objectively see the skills and knowledge the business needs to thrive

The full Toolkit includes:

  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions for each position
  • Performance reviews for each position
  • Onboarding process
  • Training plan for new hires
  • Management and development tools as needed
  • Templates with best practices for your future use

Your investment in The Manager’s Toolkit depends on what has been completed to date, the number of staff you plan to hire, your involvement in the process and your urgency for the completed product.

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