Strategic Planning Retreats

If Your Business Is Working Toward Sustainability, You're In The Right Place.

Wouldn’t it be great if every employee could express your company’s Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)?

Perhaps they already can.

But if you’re reading this, it may not be 100% true across the company.  

That VMV statement should not just be a cool saying on a wall. It should come from the heart and each person in the company should understand it. 

It may seem impossible to get the leadership team offsite for a day or two (breathe!) to accomplish this, but the long-standing benefits are tremendous.

Leaders make time for this retreat to:

  • Create a common voice across the company that results in consistency among departments and teams
  • Get new recruits excited about joining the company
  • Provide stability for a growing company
  • Strengthen the leadership team by getting to know one another on a more personal level
  • Have fun in the process

With Leigh-Ann’s guidance, we were able to leave our offsite with our Vision/Mission/Values statement 90% complete! We also generated a meaningful action plan to produce sustainable results. We love our vision board that reflects what we are creating in the business. It was a productive ‘think tank’ where all voices were heard and considered. We also had fun during the process.”  ~ Seth B., CEO, Red Dot Storage

We guide you step by step through a proven process to identify what is important to your business to strengthen the foundation on which you will continue to build. Our activities, guiding questions, and actions ensure you leave the retreat with a solid first draft of your vision/mission/values statement.