Horse Power Leadership

Using Horses to Practice Leadership and Communication


Anyone can be a leader. You don’t need a fancy title or corner office. We are leaders in our community, our businesses and in the world.

Since humans and horses are both herd animals, horses have a lot to teach us. They too experience hierarchies, jealousy, moods, friendships, conflict and love. This powerful, experiential course takes us to the wild west where we throw on the boots and work with horses to learn about communication and leadership. By observing, leading and working the horses, we explore such questions as…

  • What does it take to lead effectively?
  • How are leaders selected?
  • Which behaviors are most and least effective in leading?
  • How can I better deal with obstacles?
  • What do I need to know before being a great leader?

This is a truly unique course that will have a lasting, meaningful impact on all those who attend.

Here’s why I love this program… So much of the education out there is expensive, cookie cutter or just plain boring. I have spent way too much time watching presenters click through PowerPoint presentations thinking they are being effective at training. Would you agree?

And if the presentation is engaging and interesting, the effects wear off before the next change of season.

I’ve served small companies and large companies. I’ve participated on award-winning teams. I’ve traveled in the US and overseas. Here’s what I know. Humans have many similarities regardless of country, religion, gender, or where they fall in an organization’s hierarchy. The most important thing I know about humans is that everyone is a leader. You don’t need a fancy title or corner office.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect in this course:

  • Instantly improve how you deal with obstacles
  • The 3 secrets to effectively leading others
  • 2 Ways to overcome communication and assumptions
  • The giant myth about ‘corporate culture’ and why it’s untrue

We use horses in a safe, fun-loving way to look at ourselves. Because horses are authentic beings, they are great mirrors for us. They are ‘no B.S.’ coaches. When a horse is mad, you know. When a horse is relaxed, you know. When a horse is playful, well… you get the picture.

So come out to the barn, learn a little, laugh a little and create lasting change in your organization.

All of our work with the horses is on the ground. No experience is necessary.