Take the Test!

Do you know where is your business is?

Completing this Business Assessment will help you answer these questions:

  1. What symptoms are you seeing which indicate that the business may need a tune-up?
  2. Where are you in your in your business today? Meaning, what is your long-term plan and how are you living out that plan?
  3. How sound is the foundation?
  4. How well are you prepared for the growth that you are planning?

Take your time completing the assessment. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. If you are unsure about a certain area, ask someone in or close to your business for input. Sometimes we have blind-spots and it is those very areas that can be holding us back. Once you complete the assessment, your Coach will help you plan and prioritize to move your business forward.

Here’s How to Assess your Business:

1. Order your Business Assessment

2. Schedule your Strategy Session by calling Leigh-Ann at 303.981.9088

3. Complete the assessment as honestly as possible

4. Meet with your Coach at the scheduled time 

5. Take action as outlined in your Strategy Session

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