Recently promoted? Feeling excited AND anxious?

Transform from a promising manager to an inspiring leader in just 3 months 
in our exclusive group coaching program.

About the Leaders’ Circle

The Leaders’ Circle is specifically designed to help new managers build their leadership skills in a supportive community.  Members of the Circle benefit from diverse perspectives, mutual support, and collective problem-solving.

You will leverage knowledge of neuroscience to strengthen relationships, expand your influence and raise your emotional savvy.  Your Circle will hold you accountable to apply what you learn, adapt your approach, and reflect on your growth, all in a confidential setting.

As you explore leadership concepts and tools, you will apply them directly to your work, alongside a select group of people in a similar role with a common purpose.

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Who Should Join

The Leaders’ Circle is right for you if you are:

  • A manager with 0-3 years of experience in a leadership role
  • Generous with ideas, support, resources, connections, and unbiased feedback
  • Willing to be vulnerable for the purpose of exposing blind-spots and opportunities for further development
  • Eager to increase awareness of yourself and others to effectively adapt your leadership style
  • Courageous to ask for help, challenge assumptions and create new habits
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How it Works

  • Each Circle has a maximum of 8 members who are 100% committed to growing in their role as a leader. They are equally dedicated to supporting the members in their circle.
  • Circles meet 6 times over the course of 3 months. We meet every 2 weeks, giving you time to reflect on and apply new tools, strategies and ideas in your work. People learn best when education is spaced over time, providing an opportunity to apply and practice what they’re learning.
  • We meet for 90 minutes. In additional to interpersonal skills training, each member shares a success and brings a challenge to the group for input, feedback and coaching. That means Members are in the ‘hot seat’ each time we meet.
  • Review the results of your Predictive Index assessment with a trained coach to examine your workplace behaviors and preferences.
  • Meet with your Coach monthly to discuss situations you are facing real-time and strategize how to apply the content you’re learning.
  • Between sessions, tap into the collective wisdom of your online community and receive immediate input, feedback and support.
  • Use your Leader’s Blueprint each week to plan and track your progress.
  • Attend alumni events to maintain momentum and expand your reservoir of resources, connections and perspectives.
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