Leadership Development for New Leaders

You know how some high performers get promoted because they're really good at what they do? And then they're often left on their own to figure out how to be a great leader? That leaves them feeling stuck and frustrated with 'imposter syndrome'.

We help new leaders get the skills they need to feel confident, less stressed and make better decisions. 

Our Leadership Launchpad shows new leaders how to stop struggling with:

  • managing people who were once their peers
  • shifting their mindset from master do-er to getting work done through others
  • managing their time and focus with their new responsibilities
  • having difficult conversations
  • managing their emotions in tough situations

Do these challenges sound familiar?

If so, let's customize a program that aligns with your company's goals, values and culture. Whether it's 3-months or 9-months, your leaders will gain practical tools, strategies and ideas that can be immediately applied

"Leadership happens one relationship at a time."  ~Leigh-Ann Zaharevich

Participants in the ‘Leadership Launchpad’…
  • Examine and renew their current habits to have consistent, better results as a leader
  • Practice strategies to reduce anxiety about being a leader and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Leverage the power of their community to widen their perspectives and benefit from others’ experiences
  • Avoid common mistakes many new leaders make
Some of the many outcomes include:
  • Employees receive the feedback and coaching they want and need to grow and perform at their best
  • Improved management of time, focus and energy to produce better results
  • Well-planned delegation practices that help team members develop their skills
  • Hiring the right talent due to improved interviewing and selection skills
  • Building great teams that are engaged, motivated and have productive communication
Resulting in…. elevated employee engagement and happiness!

Sample Topics in our Leadership Programs:

  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Raising Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Time and Focus for Leaders
  • Delegating to Empower Others
  • Coaching for Development
  • Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor

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Our Process

We follow our 5-Step Process to meet your needs.
  • DISCOVER. Expect a lot of questions as we learn about your company’s vision, values, strategy and goals.  We’ll uncover your most pressing challenges and immediate needs. For us, discovery and planning are the most critical steps in the process!
  • PLAN. We design and develop a custom program that meets your needs, budget and schedule. This includes a plan to measure success. We take care of the project planning to make your life easy!
  • IMPLEMENTWhether it is a one-hour workshop or a year-long leadership program, our team facilitates engaging, hands-on learning. We may utilize assessments and tools such as DiSC®, the Thomas-Kilman Instrument, 360 feedback and team assessments. Group and individual coaching underscore the learning experience.
  • REINFORCE. Managers of participants receive a Manager's Toolkit with coaching questions and key points to encourage immediate application of strategies and tools.
  • EVALUATE. Participants report what they like, what they learned and more importantly, what they applied. We strategize with you to measure the long-term impact.

Together, we'll explore the best options for your specific needs.