The short answer is YES! A skilled facilitator can be effective at teaching soft skills in a virtual environment. From communication to management skills, it’s all possible.

So how do you teach things like leadership, management and communications skills virtually? Here are three nuggets I’ve learned since mid-March.

1.      Attention spans are shorter when people looking at a computer screen all day. Shorten those 3- or 4-hour courses to an hour or two. Max. Be sure to include lots of interactivity and get creative about ways for people to contribute. Most people benefit from learning from one another so provide time for them to exchange ideas and discuss key topics.

2.      People are more apt to zone out when training is virtual. While this is always true in training, it’s especially true when you are meeting online. Now is not the time to pour out tons of content. Chunk it down into small enough segments so you can deliver information and people have time to digest, discuss, and consider how they will apply it in the time you have. Keep your focus on the participants’ experience, not on what you want to say.

3.      Don’t expect people to complete pre-work. Right now, people’s work and personal lives are turned upside down. The line between ‘work’ and ‘life’ is blurry at best. Asking people to complete pre-work will likely create more angst. Instead, allow a few minutes during the training for people to digest information and then write their ideas.

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