Whether you’re leading a team, managing a project, or striving to make an impact in your role, your ability to influence others can significantly enhance your effectiveness.

By following our six strategies, you can build strong relationships, solve problems efficiently, and guide your team towards achieving common goals. Here’s a story of how Sarah, a new leader at VisionTech, increased her influence by applying these strategies and transformed her department’s performance.

1. Make it about the listener. Instead of starting meetings with her agenda, Sarah asked her team members about their current projects and challenges. This approach showed genuine interest and helped Sarah understand each person’s needs better.

2.Understand and solve their problem. By gathering insights from her team and other departments, Sarah identified a recurring issue with the campaign approval process. She implemented a streamlined process that addressed their pain points directly, demonstrating her problem-solving skills and building trust.

3.Build connection, not backstories. Sarah focused on creating meaningful connections through shared goals and mutual respect rather than overwhelming interactions with personal stories. This practical, people-oriented approach quickly fostered strong professional relationships.

4. Use stories. Sarah shared success stories from other teams and companies that faced similar challenges.These stories provided practical insights and strategies her team could relate to and implement in their work, inspiring and motivating them.

5.Engage the senses. When making presentation, Sarah incorporated visuals,interactive elements, and real-life examples. This multi-sensory approach kepther team engaged and helped them retain information better, enhancing overallproductivity.

6. Show social proof and simplify complex ideas. By highlighting successes of others who adopted similar strategies and broke downcomplex concepts into clear, manageable steps, Sarah showed social proof andsimplified complex ideas. This built confidence in her team and enabled them toexecute tasks efficiently, leading to better outcomes.

By implementing these six strategies, you can enhance your influence, build a cohesive team, and achieve remarkable success in your leadership role.

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