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Let’s Talk About Tough Talks

Let’s chat about something we all dread but can’t avoid – those tough conversations at [...]

The Fine Art of Not Doing it All: Empowering Your Team and Freeing Your Time

As a newly minted leader, your ability to roll up your sleeves and get into [...]

Set Clear Expectations When Promoting High Perfomers

A common pitfall when promoting employees is the failure to clearly communicate expectations to everyone [...]

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for New Leaders

“Emotional intelligence is responsible for 90% of a manager’s success (Harvard Division of Continuing Ed, [...]

Teams who talk about communication are more successful

3 Reasons to talk about communication Did you know that communication, or the lack of [...]

Emotional Intelligence – what’s the big deal?

Studies have consistently highlighted the significance of emotional intelligence for managers and their effectiveness in [...]

What’s missing in feedback conversations?

When people receive meaningful feedback, they have the opportunity to grow, leverage strengths and discover [...]

Manager Training – what to include?

I recently wrapped up a 9-month Manager Training program for a client. As a capstone, [...]

Developing Employees from Hire to Exit

“People Systems” Defined.   Ideally, the employee journey is aligned with the company’s vision, mission [...]

Consider These 6 Elements for Your Leadership Development Program

These 6 elements will enrich your leadership development training program.  A Sponsor. This is someone [...]

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