Unfortunately, some companies have had an experience where they’ve hired someone to do conduct a team-building session and it turned out to be a fun activity but did not impact the team’s performance. How can you be sure this doesn’t happen to you?

First, make sure the consultant you’re working with understands your team issues, not just the symptoms.  What is visible to the outside world provides good clues, but you must get to the root cause of the problem to make a change. Picking the fruit off the tree does not change the seeds.

Second, have the consultant interview not just team members, but also constituents. These are people who are affected by the team’s performance – internal customers, teams that rely on their decisions or performance, even external customers.

Third, be willing to dig deep.  The team needs to see that you, the leader, are willing to seriously reflect on what is not working with the team. Each person needs to play full out at the event and be open to new ideas. That is how to make your next team event valuable with meaningful change.

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