3 Reasons to talk about communication

Did you know that communication, or the lack of it, is listed as the most common cause of conflict? It’s also a large contributor to performance issues. You can get ahead of those problems by openly discussing communication as a team.

There are many benefits to having open conversations about how we communicate. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Expediting the building of trust for the purpose of resolving conflict, increasing accountability and ultimately, achieving business results. In an environment that provides ‘psychological safety’,  people can let down their guard and offer diverse perspectives and have open and transparent communication.  This leads to conversations that ensure everyone is aligned and working cohesively towards common goals.
  2. Learning about one another’s work styles and communication preferences. Openly discussing communication barriers, misunderstandings, or personality clashes (in a non-threatening way) allows teams to find constructive solutions and improve collaboration. Effective communication will prevent confusion, misinterpretations and frustrations that affect the quality and timeliness of decisions and results.
  3. As teams grow, projects evolve, and new members join, communication dynamics can change. Regular discussions about communication ensure that the team remains adaptable to these changes, preventing breakdowns in communication during transitions.

Talking about communication helps teams remain efficient, cohesive, and successful in achieving their goals. Would your team move forward because of these benefits? If so, let’s talk.

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