4 Ways to Make Teambuilding Count

Teambuilding is more than bowling outings and falling backward with a blindfold on.  Building an [...]

Designing a Leadership Development Program? Avoid these 3 mistakes!

Whether you are offering training and development for the first time, or have a robust [...]

Improving Performance in the Workplace

Here are some quick tips on developing the most important investment in your business. Hire [...]

How to Hire the Right People

Are you getting ready to hire your first employee?  Or maybe you have employees already, [...]

Ever been hijacked?!

Have you ever been so mad, scared or frustrated that you might even have called [...]

What is a “People System”?

When a client asks me what the ‘magic pill’ is for business success, I have [...]

Assessing a Team’s Effectiveness

Unfortunately, some companies have had an experience where they’ve hired someone to do conduct a [...]

Effective Leadership For Greater Accomplishments

There are many definitions of effective leadership. One school of thought is of the opinion [...]

When Do We Learn Leadership?

Is leadership learned or natural?  If it is learned, where do we learn it? At [...]

Leadership Development Using Horses

I helped facilitate a leadership program at Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, CO earlier this [...]

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