“People Systems” Defined.


Ideally, the employee journey is aligned with the company’s vision, mission and values. As this image depicts, employees experience the company from left to right following the red arrows, and the company develops their people systems from right to left, following the yellow arrows.

Let’s look at the employee’s experience. Once they are hired they experience a (90-day) onboarding process, which is when clear expectations are set on how to perform well in their role and thrive within their team. Their individual goals are aligned with the company’s, so they can see exactly how they contribute to its overall success.  They are held accountable not just to performance but also to living the company’s values as they conduct their work. As they grow into a leadership role, they learn the company’s approach to developing and coaching others to perform at their best. They are then responsible for holding others accountable to meeting goals while remaining aligned with the company’s values.

To see the company’s process, let’s follow the yellow arrows. It all starts with clearly articulating the vision, mission, values of the organization as well as the overall objectives. With these in mind, the company leaders formulate their philosophy for people development. This starts by answering such questions as, “Do we intend to promote from within? If so, how will we develop our leaders and build bench strength?” Processes and systems can then be put into place to hold people accountable to each step of the strategy.  Managers establish goals for people on their team that directly align the company’s goals, and these are communicated during the onboarding process.

It takes time and intention to align every aspect of your ‘people system’ and I support you through that process. Start the conversation.

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