Have you ever wondered how horses are like humans? We are both herd animals. We are both social and highly communicative. Horses can not communicate something they are not feeling – they are completely authentic. That is what makes them such great coaches and mirrors.

Horses teach leadership

Horse Power Leadership™ provides a safe environment that surfaces profound insights. Individuals, teams and leaders gain awareness at three levels – self, team and organization. Horses help us see ourselves from the outside by how we approach, listen to, and interact with the horses. This increases our emotional and social intelligence, which have a profound impact on our success in the workplace. Horses, like humans, are social creatures. They are relationship-oriented and highly communicative. They can only be authentic in their communication and are masters at non-verbal communication. This is why horses make such great learning partners and coaches.

“I was a bit afraid at first and had no idea what to expect. I soon felt deeply connected with the horse. She helped me realize how abrupt I can be and how taking my time can lead to much better results.” ~ Ann, a participant

This highly experiential program takes leadership and teambuilding programs outdoors where horses become mirrors and coaches. This experience helps companies build stronger leaders, more productive teams and better communication. Some companies choose to include this experience as part of their leadership development program. This is a ground-work only program, no riding is involved.

To delve into the power of equine-assisted programs and how Horse Power Leadership™ can benefit your team, contact Leigh-Ann.

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