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Teams who talk about communication are more successful

3 Reasons to talk about communication Did you know that communication, or the lack of [...]

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – it starts with Trust

I had a blast facilitating ‘The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team’ workshop recently. I [...]

Emotional Intelligence – what’s the big deal?

Studies have consistently highlighted the significance of emotional intelligence for managers and their effectiveness in [...]

What’s missing in feedback conversations?

When people receive meaningful feedback, they have the opportunity to grow, leverage strengths and discover [...]

3 Reasons Training Fails

When you invest in training, why not take the extra steps to make sure you [...]

Engaging Learners in a Virtual Setting

Whether you are developing virtual training from scratch or converting classroom training to be delivered [...]

The Answer Isn’t Always Training

“We need training.”  This statement is a common knee-jerk reaction to address things like employee [...]

Too Many Meetings?!

A huge headache most of us can relate to is… we are invited to too [...]

Can you really teach soft skills virtually?

The short answer is YES! A skilled facilitator can be effective at teaching soft skills [...]

3 Reasons Virtual Training Beats Online Learning

While they both have advantages, here are 3 primary reasons people enjoy virtual training over [...]

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